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Decoded Future 2019 will have an underlying theme: sustainability and social good. From brands as change leaders to algorithms that work for all, we’ll reveal the opportunities that arise from placing purpose at the heart of brand and business strategies. One further exciting development: this year’s content streams will be split across three cross-industry, consumer-centric themes, rather than individual sectors.


Main Stage





Marc Worth, CEO, Stylus  

Summit Chair: Dr. Antonia Ward, Global Director of Advisory Services, Stylus



Our 2020 Look Ahead identifies a number of key trends across consumer lifestyle, product and engagement for the coming year. Stylus’ Chief Creative Officer take us through the wide view of the new technologies and behaviours that will inform innovation across multiple industries. 

Tessa Mansfield, Chief Creative Officer, Stylus



Companies who place purpose at the heart of the brand and business strategy are successful; and with 57% of consumers admitting to buying or boycotting a brand because of the position it takes on an issue, whether it be political, sustainable or social, it’s never been more important for brands to get it right. Our opening panel at Decoded Future invites those brands who are leading the way in terms of sustainability and social impact to share their lessons learned and insights behind what it means to effect change for your consumers and employees with your brand’s mission behind every action.


Jay CurleyGlobal Head of Integrated Marketing, Ben & Jerry’s

Nancy King, Director of Global Insights & Strategy, Airbnb

Corley Kenna, Sr Director of Global Communications & PR, Patagonia

Jane Prior, Chief Marketing Officer, Vita Coco 

Moderated by: 

Christian Ward, Head of Media & Marketing, Stylus

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Main event



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Stream 2
Stream 3
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This stream analyses the shifting mindsets and behaviours, demographics, psychographics and evolving social frameworks, that brands need to adapt for the changing consumer

Dr. Antonia Ward, Global Director of Advisory Services, Stylus



As the very first generation of true digital natives, technological change, social media, a volatile economic climate and an inherent sense of individualism has reshaped the way Gen Z-ers think, communicate and consume. As a result they’re agile, driven and equality-focused but also pragmatic, risk-averse and seeking support in many areas of their lives. Stylus’ Head of Retail, Katie Baron, delves into the the real and often nuanced implications of these wider shifts for brands of all kinds.

Katie Baron, Head of Retail, Stylus



Whilst millennials were once the driving force behind the fast-fashion industry, they are now the most likely demographic, to end it. Along with Gen Z-ers, millennials now promote ethical consumerism and are willing to part with more cash when it comes to sustainable living. We look at which companies are successfully contributing to the circular economy through sustainable fashion, whilst also capturing the millennial market style trends. 


Emily ScarlettCommunications and Sustainability Manager, USA, H&M

Nina Faulhaber, Co-Founder & Co-CEO,  ADAY 

Sam Blumenthal, Senior Manager of Marketing Communications, thredUP

Saisangeeth Daswani, Head of Advisory – Fashion, Beauty & APAC, Stylus 

Moderated by:  

Stephanie Benedetto, CEO & Co-Founder, Queen of Raw



Today’s marketer has unparalleled access to the most powerful digital media platforms we’ve ever seen. Yet while the Googles and Facebooks of the world have invested in media distribution, to truly achieve performance from these channels, a marketer needs content. Tonnes of it. In this session, Anthony will uncover why your customers are now the fastest-growing creative solution on the planet. You’ll learn how to find them and tap into their creativity to produce high quality content celebrating your brand; and drive your digital media performance to unprecedented levels.

Presented by: Anthony Svirskis, CEO, Tribe

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This stream delivers insights, innovations and the opportunities brands and businesses have to engage directly with their customers

Sarah Mohsen, Advisory Strategist, Stylus



Generation Alpha (aged 0-8) are expected to be the wealthiest and technologically-connected group to date, with many of them having digital footprints before they even understand what that means. Businesses are going to have to adapt radically in order to interact with this generation, compared to parennials (their millennial parents). Decoded Future highlights the opportunities out there for businesses and marketers to engage effectively with this future generation. 


Megan Kachur, Manager, Immersive Retail Design & Development, Disney

Jennifer Birch, Sr. Manager of CMF Design, Fitbit 

Charlotte Gibson, Founder, Mini Mindful Minds and The Happinest NYC

Emma Worrollo, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, The Pineapple Lounge

Moderated by:

Katie Deighton, Senior Editor, US, The Drum



Decoded Future interviews entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and entertainment presenter, Poppy Jamie, about how ‘happy not perfect’ has created a new approach to mental health in the digital age.

Poppy Jamie, Well-Being Entrepreneur

In conversation with:

Clay Skipper, Staff Writer GQ, Condé Nast



Now a multi-billion dollar industry, health tech is rapidly changing the way we handle medicine. Over the last few years we’ve seen an increase in health-related products designed with the female consumer in mind. Decoded invites leading women in femtech to share their story and share insights behind shaping the future of our healthcare services.ease access to healthcare services worldwide.


Aagya Mathur, Co-Founder & CEO, Aavia

Polly Rodriguez, Co-Founder & CEO, Unbound

Maria Velissaris, Founding Partner, SteelSky Ventures

Moderated by:

Estrella Jaramillo, Women's Health Entrepreneur, Writer & Co-Founder of B-wom



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This stream celebrates brands and businesses that emerged from specific needs for niche audiences that are now completely disrupting entire industries

Kasey Gage, VP, Client Services, North America, Stylus



As scientists, brands and consumers alike consider inner balance and wellbeing as key drivers of external beauty, we now see brands delivering more interesting and nuanced offerings and collaborations. From Ayurveda-inspired products to sustainably-sourced ingredients, we look at brands that are closing the gap between external and internal beauty.


Lynn Goodwin, Co-Founder, Farmtrue 

Tina Hedges, Co-Founder & CEO, LOLI Beauty 

Julie Winter, Founding Partner & COO, CBD For Life

Donna Petretti, Marketing Manager, Personal Care, Croda

Moderated by: 

Lisa Payne, Senior Beauty Editor, ​Stylus 



Colour, materials and creative layouts can all impact a customer’s state of mind and as a direct result, in-store experience. Whether it’s by appealing to people's tactile sensibility or exploiting the Instagram-hungry demand for arresting interiors, brands have an opportunity to lure target customers through their doors by humanising their retail space and telling their brand story through empathic design.


Mike Roberts, Chief Creative Officer, Green Room

In conversation with:

Eleanor Gibson, Acting US Editor, Dezeen



The global problem of plastic pollution is spurring governments, brands, scientists, designers and non-profit initiatives to radically rethink the way we produce and consume plastic. Decoded Future looks at and celebrates innovative approaches to recycling are being applied to products across different industries.  

Presented by:

Claire Murray, Advisory Strategist, Stylus

In conversation with:

Brandi Parker, Head of Realization, Pearlfisher

Fumi James, Director of Global Beverage Design, PepsiCo Design & Innovation Center

Dr Ernie Simpson, Global Vice President of Research and DevelopmentTerraCycle 




Catwalk Call Outs - By Invitation Only

Presented by: Lisa Payne, Senior Beauty Editor, ​Stylus 

Location: Addressing the Not So Niches Stage (Hub 1)

Mindfulness Meditation: Come clear your mind! with Liza Kindred, Founder, Mindful Technology

Location: Meditation Hideaway (Hub 2)

 Join us for an accessible, guided meditation to freshen the mind and reset the day. Liza Kindred will lead you through a mindfulness-based meditation, during which you will connect to your body, observe your thoughts, and breathe a little deeper. Using humor, a bit of profanity, and a deep respect for the foundational teachings of mindfulness, Liza's style of meditation is gentle, open, and relaxed. Meditation curious? Beginning meditators are warmly welcomed! Experienced practitioner? Come sit with us.

Stream 1
Stream 2
Stream 3
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Dr. Antonia Ward, Global Director of Advisory Services, Stylus



As demand for sustainable travel continues to snowball, travel and hospitality brands are creating inventive eco-concepts that offer guests increased flexibility and comfort. Marry that with the booming wellness industry being worth an estimated $639 billion global industry, customers are now searching for brands that enable them to maintain their fitness and wellness goals on the go too. To help brands win in this space, we explore the profile of the new eco, health and wellness conscious traveller and chart best practice strategies. 


Ryan Anderson, Vice President Marketing, Growth Brands, Marriott International 

Molly Anderson, VP of Experience Development, Canyon Ranch 

Kate Spies, SVP, Content & Growth, Well+Good

Chris Sanborn, Chief Operating Officer, The Class by Taryn Toomey

Moderated by:

Liz Plosser, Editor-in-Chief, Women's Health



Stylus’ senior beauty editor will be addressing five game-changing categories of the beauty industry that  you need to be aware of in order to remain relevant in this ever-changing landscape

Lisa Payne, Senior Beauty Editor, Stylus



Over the last decade, emojis, hashtags, memes, short-form video content and longer-form audio are all fundamental ways in which consumers engage with each other and with brands. Today though, brands need to create genuine experiences to capture their audience's ever-fleeting attention. Decoded looks at how brands are maintaining their customer’s accessibility and navigating the constant evolution of communication whilst maintaining brand credibility and integrity.


Victoria NybergVP of Marketing and Communications, Rachel Comey

Enid Hwang, Community Manager, Pinterest 

Richie Kuncyusz, Senior Director, Content Creation, Calvin Klein

Michelle Belcic, VP of Brand Strategy, ​Dash Hudson

Moderated by:

Jill Manoff, Editor-in-Chief, Glossy

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Sarah Mohsen, Advisory Strategist, Stylus



Stylus’ Head of Advisory in Fashion, Beauty & APAC, shares insights and key learnings from China’s digital strategies. 

Presented by:

Saisangeeth Daswani, Head of Advisory – Fashion, Beauty & APAC, Stylus

In converstaion with: 

Nancy Zhang, Head of Partnerships, BorderX Lab



As consumers become increasingly wary of influencer marketing, brands and businesses are leveraging their existing communities to act as brand ambassadors. Decoded invites Snap Lab’s head of marketing, Katie Babineau, to discuss some of the ways influencer culture and marketing to fans is changing, and how brands can be more self-aware and informed when they enter these spaces.

Katie Babineau, Global Head of Marketing, Snap Lab, Snap Inc

In conversation with: 

Aja Romano, Web Culture Reporter, Vox




A new type of omni-intelligent technology is bridging the gap between e-commerce and in-store shopping. Retailers are now handing over the digital control to consumers as they move from e-search to the physical space, and in turn providing powering immersive, seductive self-made shopping environments. 

Matt Alexander, Co-founder & CEO, Neighborhood Goods  

In conversation with:

Katie Baron, Head of Retail, Stylus

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Kasey Gage, VP, Client Services, North America, Stylus



Step into the 2030s with us for a peek into the evolved world of your future consumer. Our cross-demographic, cross-industry research uncovers the next trends transforming these consumers’ values and lifestyles, and visualizes the new products and engagement strategies likely to resonate. Through the lens of six essential areas of focus for brands – luxury, fast consumption, sustainability, inclusivity, digital worlds and wellness – discover how today’s innovations will reshape the long-term consumer landscape.

Saisangeeth Daswani, Head of Advisory – Fashion, Beauty & APAC, Stylus 



The legal cannabis era is here and the market is growing at an exponential rate. As the ‘green rush’ to capitalise on it builds momentum in North America, we uncover who is participating in this growth, and look at how and why commercialised cannabis is maturing into an opportunity expected to be worth $57bn globally by 2027.


Steven Phan, Founder, Come Back Daily 

Jeanne Sullivan, General Partner, The ArcView Group 

Emilia Morano-WilliamsUS Trends Reporter, Stylus

Moderated by: 

Heather CabotAuthor, Speaker and Former ABC News correspondent



Founder of the fast-casual, plant-based restaurant, By CHLOE., talks us through her journey of starting a business that tapped into what was once a niche market, and how she successfully grew it into a thriving restaurant and retail business. Samantha Wasser shares the challenges she faced at the start, the demands she’s seen from the shift in customer attitudes, the opportunities that lie ahead and the risks that need to be taken to remain relevant. 

Samantha Wasser, Founder, Senior Vice President and Creative Director,  By CHLOE. 

In conversation with:  

Leah Kirts, Freelance writer and co-host of Food Without Borders




Consumers' behaviour will transform as they demand a healthier, more meaningful relationship with technology. There are huge opportunities for brands in understanding and nurturing this shift towards a more humane technological future. From emotion-tracking tech to sensing spaces, ambiently aware products to virtual beings, Stylus’ head of marketing and media, Christian Ward, share the biggest insights and learnings from our recently launched Human Tech Macro Trend, to help brands in any industry build more positive, empathetic and future-proofed connections with consumers.

Christian Ward, Head of Media & Marketing, Stylus



Modern society has become dependent on algorithms and artificial intelligence for a lot of the tasks we take for granted. And whilst A.I. and these algorithms present new and exciting opportunities to interact more effectively and efficiently with consumers, the flaws and biases can cause serious harm. We end the Decoded Future summit exploring how the underrepresentation in technology impacts on products, services and society, and the role brands have to play to protect both themselves and their customers. 


Mutale Nkonde, Senior Tech Policy Advisor & Analyst for Congresswoman Yvette Clarke & Fellow at Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University 

Liza Kindred, Founder, Mindful Technology

Heidi Therese Dangelmaier, Founder, Girl Approved

Shantenu Agarwal, VP of Product, Soulmachines

Philippa Mothersill, Product Designer and Technology Researcher, MIT Media Lab

Moderated by: 

Jason Abbruzzese, Senior Technology Editor, NBC News Digital



Dr. Antonia Ward, Global Director of Advisory Services, Stylus





Marc Worth

Founder and CEO, Stylus


Tessa Mansfield

Chief Creative Officer, Stylus

With over 18 years’ experience in translating trends into design innovation, brand and product strategy, Tessa leads the global content team, guiding Stylus’ content and creative direction. Before Stylus, she consulted on luxury and mass-market brands across a variety of industries including beauty, food, retail, architecture, transport, technology and packaging. She previously held the role of senior strategist and head of trends at Seymourpowell in London, working throughout Europe, the US and Asia with clients including Unilever, L'Oreal, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Ford and Jaguar.


Dr Antonia Ward

Global Director of Advisory Services, Stylus

With over 15 years' experience in trend consulting, research, design, brand strategy and journalism, Antonia directs Stylus' advisory services, applying company insight and expertise to clients' challenges, including Mattel, Volkswagen and Ferrero. Former editor of design magazines FX and New Design, and managing editor at The Design Council, Antonia has given keynotes at conferences, run seminars and workshops and chaired judging panels internationally. Antonia has an MA from the University of Liverpool and a PhD from the University of York.


Jane Prior

Chief Marketing Officer, Vita Coco


Jeizel Rosenthal

SVP Business Development and Client Services, North America, Stylus


Kasey Gage

VP, Client Services, North America, Stylus

With over 10 years’ client relationship management experience, Kasey leads the client services team in strategically partnering with a client base of brands and agencies operating across multiple consumer industries.


Emily Scarlett

Communications and Sustainability Manager, USA, H&M


Nina Faulhaber

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, ADAY

Nina Faulhaber is co-founder of ADAY, a direct-to-consumer technical clothing brand with a mission to create the clothing of our future: beautiful, technical + sustainable staples. She and her co-founder Meg He wanted to simplify their wardrobes and set a new standard for wardrobe staples, one that focuses on versatility + lasts through the seasons. Prior to ADAY, Nina was a Venture Capitalist at Index Ventures, an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and in a former life a competitive gymnast in Germany. Nina was named to Forbes 30 under 30 in Retail & E-Commerce in 2016 with Meg.


Karen Clark

VP of Partnerships & Marketing Communications, thredUP

Karen Clark is VP of Partnerships & Marcom at thredUP. She is focused on inspiring a new generation to think secondhand first through awareness campaigns, industry reports and retail partnerships. Her team recently led the launch of RAAS (Resale-As-A-Service), which allows retailers to plug into thredUP's infrastructure to power secondhand experiences. She also runs the creation of thredUP's Annual Resale Report, the leading industry study examining the trajectory of resale and consumer trends driving its growth. As one of thredUP's first employees in 2010, Karen is passionate about ushering in the circular economy and a building a more sustainable fashion future.


Stephanie Benedetto

CEO & Co-Founder, Queen of Raw

Corporate attorney turned fashion tech and sustainability entrepreneur, Stephanie is the Co-Founder of Queen of Raw (Techstars '18), a blockchain-enabled marketplace that brings raw material back to life by giving the factories that over produce it and the brands that over purchase it a place to recapture its value and map, measure, and trace supply chains. Prior to starting Queen of Raw, Stephanie worked as a lawyer in the fashion, media/entertainment, start-up, and technology industries and co-founded a sustainable textile manufacturing facility. An advocate for women in business and sustainability, her companies have been featured in NYTimes, Vogue, WWD, ELLE, Cheddar, Parade, WCBS, United Nations, Fortune, Entrepreneur, WIRED, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and Fast Company. Stephanie is a NASA/NIKE/IKEA/DELL Innovator, a Grand Prize WeWork Creator Awards Winner presented by Ashton Kutcher, was nominated as a Founder to Watch by Women 2.0, and was a Finalist for the WGSN Global Fashion Awards, Rent the Runway/UBS Project Entrepreneur, and the $1M Verizon Powerful Answers Award. She is a Member of Pledge 1% and Founding Member of Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network, along with Aveda, Kering, and Stella McCartney.


Jennifer Birch

Sr. Manager of CMF Design, Fitbit

Jennifer Birch’s career path is uniquely non-linear and an example of her desire to jump into new territory headfirst growing and evolving her design skills. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design, Jennifer began her career in Portland, OR, working at startup design firms as well as in-house for brands like Adidas and Bonfire Snowboarding. Starting a family led to new choices like teaching college level design and starting her own design and color trend consultancy before again diving back into lead CMF roles at Tesla and Fitbit where she is currently Senior CMF Manager. Volunteerism has always been a priority throughout Jennifer’s career, and she is currently serving on the board of directors for Futures4Haiti, an education based non-profit.


Samantha Cutler

Co-founder & CEO, Petite 'n Pretty

Petite 'n Pretty is founded by beauty industry veteran, Samantha Cutler, whose 17-year experience includes developing award-winning products for brands including Stila, Smashbox and MAC, the Beverly Hills-based company was inspired by her first memories of makeup. Remembering the exact feeling that came with those special moments at her mother’s vanity and now watching her own children light up when swiping on sparkles, drove Cutler to bottle this happiness specifically for the next generation. 


Charlotte Gibson

Founder, Mini Mindful Minds and The Happinest NYC

Charlotte Gibson is a certified meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, school teacher, wellness author, sand speaker. She has been teaching mindfulness and meditation for over 8 years from Australia to NYC. Charlotte owns and runs her company, Mini Mindful Minds, which implements mindfulness into education, and opened The Happinest Meditation & Mindfulness Studio in Jan 2019. Charlotte runs trainings and workshops at schools, organizations and corporate events.


Lynn Goodwin

Co-Founder, Farmtrue

Lynn Goodwin is the Co-Founder of Farmtrue, a modern Ayurvedic lifestyle brand, crafting organic, grass-fed ghee and self-care products, inspired by the desire to eat, live, and act with more care. A lifetime student of Ayurveda, yoga, nutrition, Lynn is a graduate of California College of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Health Educator (AHE), and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). 

Ayurveda inspires everything Lynn does; through her morning walks, seeking solitude in nature, traveling, cooking, and reading, she is devoted to exploring her true spirit and connecting with others who share her passions. Lynn resides in Rhode Island with her husband, Kyle.


Tina Hedges

Co-Founder & CEO, LOLI Beauty 

Tina Hedges, the founder of, has spent her career creating disruptive and creative brands with tenures at L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, and LVMH.  

 Tina’s first foray as an entrepreneur was a breakthrough celebrity hair care brand in 2005. Launching the brand on BLOWOUT, a Bravo TV reality show was the first of its kind and delivered top line profitability within the first year. Tina then turned her attention to the beverage sector and pioneered a new category called, “hangover prevention”.  LOLI, her most recent venture, is the world’s first zero waste, organic beauty brand. With its pure, potent and personalized approach to food grade, 100% waterless, superfood products and certified compostable packaging, LOLI has garnered CEW BEAUTY AWARD for Sustainability Excellence, the SHORTY Social Good Award, FAST COMPANY’s 2018 Design Innovation Award and a coveted place in Grand Central Tech’s Accelerator. 

 Of Cuban decent, Tina grew up in Jamaica, and came to NYC as a performing member of the NYC Ballet. 


Lisa Payne

Senior Beauty Editor, ​Stylus

Having worked for Stylus since July 2010 after graduating with first-class honours in Fashion Journalism from the London College of Fashion, Lisa is the Beauty editor at Stylus. She reports on trends, business news and industry innovation, with an eye for future developments based on consumer attitudes. Lisa is widely travelled, having lived in Africa and the Americas, and speaks fluent Portuguese. In her spare time, she contributes as a freelancer to online fashion and lifestyle sites Volt Café and Mode Media. 


Katie Baron

Head of Retail, Stylus

Katie is head of Retail, disseminating trends, insights and innovation across retail – including digital commerce, store design and burgeoning business practices. Pre-Stylus, she spent 13 years navigating VM, store design and creative management for Habitat, Liberty, Yellowdoor agency and fashion production for Harper’s Bazaar. She’s authored two books on visual culture, Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries (2012) and Fashion + Music: The Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture (2016), and is a founding member of futurist think-tank Digital Anthropology Lab.


Michelle Belcic

VP of Brand Strategy, Dash Hudson

Michelle is the VP of Brand Strategy at leading visual marketing platform Dash Hudson. A veteran of the tech space, she honed her marketing chops launching brands like Uber in France, and was thrilled to join Dash Hudson this year whose AI-fueled image technology helps brands like Fresh, Rent the Runway and Kylie Cosmetics unlock their optimal performance level on Instagram. Her daily jam is helping marketing teams use real-time data to understand which images will convert mere followers, to loyal fans.


Saisangeeth Daswani

Head of Advisory – Fashion, Beauty & APAC, Stylus

Saisangeeth has experience translating future trends and applying them as business solutions in marketing, retail, product and design strategies. She has worked across fashion, luxury and branding in the US, Asia and Australia. Previously, Saisangeeth was a trend director at Stylesight and WGSN, working with leading international brands to inspire and inform their creative endeavours through seasonal and trend forecasts. Current and recent clients include Chanel, Disney, Gap and Unilever. Born in Hong Kong, she speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and French.


Liza Kindred

Founder, Mindful Technology

Liza Kindred is the founder of Mindful Technology, an NYC-based agency that helps companies create tech that values humans more than machines. She is also the creator of EFF THIS! Mediation where she teaches meditation to cynics and skeptics.  

Her book EFF THIS! 108 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for When You're Stressed Out, Anxious, or Overwhelmed will be released by Rock Point Press in October 2019. Liza has worked with many top brands; past clients and partners include Condé Nast, Bloomingdales, Zappos, Hearst, Microsoft, Cisco, Vodafone, FedEx, and Amazon. Liza has been written about by The New York Times, Wired Magazine, Well+Good, San Francisco Chronicle, Financial Times, Fast Company Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many more.


Ryan Anderson

Vice President Marketing, Growth Brands, Marriott International

Ryan Anderson is the Vice President of Marketing for Marriott International’s emerging brands – AC Hotels, Aloft, Element and Moxy. 

This portfolio represents the company’s newest and fastest growing brands, targeting the next gen traveler and set to double in size over the next four years. 

Ryan oversees marketing strategy and campaign development globally, responsible for integrated planning for all owned, paid and earned opportunities. 

Ryan has spent 15 years building lifestyle brands, including ESPN, Equinox Fitness and Starwood Hotels and Resorts. 

He graduated from Northwestern University and lives in New York with his wife Lizzie and coonhound Lucy.


Molly Anderson

VP of Experience Development, Canyon Ranch


Melisse Gelula

Founder, Well+Good

Melisse is the Co-Founder of Well+Good, a leading health and wellness digital media company with a community of 12+ million monthly. She is also the Senior Vice President of Brand of Leaf Group’s Fitness & Wellness Division. As a wellness media expert, Melisse has led the editorial, branded content, design, and video teams at Well+Good. She was named one of the 9 Most Creative Entrepreneurs of 2018 by Inc Magazine and one of the 10 Writers and Editors Who Are Changing the National Conversation by Adweek. She has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, in the New York Times, given two keynotes at the Global Wellness Summit, and more.  

Most recently, Melisse spearheaded the curation of the first-ever Well+Good cookbook, Well+Good: 100 Healthy Recipes + Expert Advice for Better Living (Clarkson Potter), which features the go-to recipes of 100 health, wellness, and culinary luminaries, from Venus Williams to Gabrielle Bernstein to Dr. Mark Hyman. Prior to founding Well+GoodMelisse was the editor-in-chief of, beauty director at Luxury SpaFinder Magazine, and travel editor at Fodor’s. She has an MA from the University of Toronto and has completed six years of training as a psychoanalyst.


Dr Ernie Simpson

Global Vice President of Research and Development, TerraCycle 

Dr. Ernie Simpson, Global Vice President of Research and Development, is a polymer wizard, doing his magic with polymers for past 40+ years. He is with TerraCycle for the past decade and since then TerraCycle has done wonders in recycling complex waste streams . He has developed recycling methods for several materials that were never recycled before. Ernie's journey in the industry started with The Dupont company,  and he worked with Johnson and Johnson, Xerox corporation, Rohm and Haas, and Arko Chemicals etc. before joining TerraCycle. Ernie holds a doctorate degree from University of Rochester in Applied Science and he holds a total of ten patents - three US and seven World Intellectual Property Organization. He is a member of the Society of Rheology and a former member of the Society of Plastics and the American Chemical Society.  

If you haven't seen a walking encyclopedia, he is the one. Ernie's vast experience is not limited to polymers, he is experienced in various fields like Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Meteorology, etc. When he is not wearing his lab coat and safety goggles, he enjoys Pandit Ravishankar's music or watching football (soccer) - and writing prose.


Steven Phan

Founder, Come Back Daily 

Steven Phan is a first-generation Asian American that has worked in the cannabis industry for nearly a decade. In this time, he found the need for a peer-to-peer community to overcome decades of stigma and become more familiarized with the green plant. This idea was the driving force behind Quad Duece Nil, founded in 2014, the lifestyle brand was his first successful endeavor.  

In November 2018, Steven opened Come Back Daily, New York City’s first educational and experiential CBD retail store located on Broadway in Tribeca. The zen space is designed to be inviting and encourage customer interaction and sampling of a highly curated selection of products. From beauty creams and skincare treatments to oils, capsules and edibles- they have exceptional health benefits. Now with a second location on 5th Avenue, Uptown you can find him at either treating patients and consulting clients to build a more educated community. 


Jeanne Sullivan

General Partner, The ArcView Group 

Jeanne M. Sullivan – Advisor, Investor, Speaker is passionate about delivering ideas – information – and inspiration to entrepreneurs and is a fierce advocate for reform, and  lifting the stigma - in the Cannabis industry. Jeanne is a co-founder of a NYC-based venture capital firm and long -time tech investor, now cannabis investor and advisor.   She is active with the Arcview Group – an organization with more than 600+ investors and we have invested more than $250 million into the cannabis sector and now serves an investment manager for many investment platforms of the Arcview Group.  

Ms. Sullivan is a sought-after industry speaker on the cannabis sector – its complex (and ridiculous) set of regulations and how to build and seek funding for your cannabis business.  Sullivan was named by Business Insider as “one of the Rising Stars” in the cannabis investing sector.   

Jeanne is a member of the Women’s Leadership Board at the Harvard Kennedy School and is an Athena Entrepreneur Fellow for Barnard College. She also serves on the Board of Trustees of the New York Hall of Science, a museum that introduces people of all ages to STEM learning.  Jeanne also serves on the Global Board of Trustees of Astia, an organization that funds high-growth women entrepreneurs. 


Verena von Pfetten

Co-Founder, Gossamer

Verena von Pfetten is the co-founder of Gossamer, a lifestyle brand and print biannual for the modern cannabis consumer. She has more than a dozen years of experience in editorial direction, brand consulting, digital commerce and content strategy, and has worked with clients such as Instagram, Glossier, Conde Nast, Spring, and Man Repeller, among others. She has been named one of Coveteur’s Most Powerful Women in Cannabis, Marie Claire’s Women to Watch in CBD, Bustle Media Group’s inaugural Rule Breakers, and Town & Country’s 50 ‘Modern Swans’ for her work in the space.


Emilia Morano-Williams

US Trends Reporter, Stylus

Based in New York, Emilia covers trends, store openings and events across the US. Before joining Stylus, she specialised in content writing and social media management for food and travel start-ups.


Victoria Nyberg

VP of Marketing and Communications, Rachel Comey

Victoria is an award-winning strategist. She has over a decade of experience leading in-house brand teams combined with creative agency work for clients in the fashion, luxury and lifestyle industries, such as Armani, Balenciaga, Calvin Kleine, H&M, LVMH, Mulberry etc.


Enid Hwang

Community Manager, Pinterest

Enid Hwang has worked in communications at Pinterest since 2011 when she was the sixth employee and first woman hired at the company. As Pinterest has grown to more than 250 million monthly active users around the world, she’s led community-building with Pinners and influencers, policy and user-support, and has helped bring some of Pinners’ top-requested features to life along the way. For three years, she was also a core part of company internationalization efforts, leading landing teams in the UK and France, establishing local teams in five countries and heading global community efforts. She lives in Brooklyn and will talk to your pet like it’s a human.


Richie Kuncyusz

Senior Director, Content Creation, Calvin Klein


Matt Alexander

Co-founder & CEO, Neighborhood Goods

Born and raised in London, England, Matt Alexander has spent the last decade working in the worlds of retail, media, technology, and design. Drawing on his experiences, he is renowned for his capacity to tell stories, craft immersive experiences, and develop unique, editorially-driven concepts at the intersection of commerce and publishing. 

Now, as co-founder and CEO of Neighborhood Goods, Alexander is seeking to overhaul and modernize the traditional department store. Infused with his longstanding penchant for storytelling, Neighborhood Goods is a multi-platform concept that will spotlight some of the most interesting brands — from international names to fledgling, local entrepreneurs — in an innovative experiential format in-person and online. 

“Stories are at the heart of just about everything,” Alexander remarked. “As a consumer, if you’re not equipped with a compelling story about the products you’re purchasing — or the brands you’re following — it provides little reason for loyalty or pride. At Neighborhood Goods, by focusing on experience and narrative, we’re able to attract remarkable and story-driven brands from around the world — who’d shy away from traditional department stores — whilst also creating something meaningful and memorable for the consumer.” 

Alexander was entrepreneurial from a young age. When he was 12-years-old, he started producing a blog, attracting a sizable audience as well as sponsors and advertisers from around the world. After a hiatus from his creative business efforts at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, he dabbled in corporate America. With his entrepreneurial desires returning, he began writing another blog as a side-project in an effort to establish his voice in the world of technology, startups, and design. 

Soon after launching this new blog and, later, podcast, Alexander was able to carry this momentum forward to build his first company, Edition Collective, for which he raised over $1.5 million. Under this umbrella, Alexander created two editorially-driven brands. The first, Need, offered monthly curations of products from some of the most interesting brands in the menswear space in a format resembling a dignified magazine. His second, Foremost, was an affordable, American-made clothing brand presented as a series of short films and interviews, rather than as linear releases. Edition Collective was acquired in 2016. Alongside these efforts, he co-founded Unbranded, a non-profit pop-up series providing free retail and event space to independent entrepreneurs, artists, chefs, and more—now entering its fifth year. 

Outside of his day-to-day work with Neighborhood Goods, Matt advises and guides Unbranded, as well as serving as an advisor to a number of startups and as one of the youngest members of SMU’s Executive Board. He’s also been named to CultureMap’s inaugural Top Texans Under 30 list, dubbed one of Dallas’ Most Stylish People by Modern Luxury, and more.   

Matt resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Emily. 


Samantha Wasser

Founder, By CHLOE

Samantha Wasser is the Founder, Senior Vice President and Creative Director of popular plant- based, fast-casual brand by CHLOE. Samantha provides creative vision for the brand, overseeing brand identity, growth, menu development, and social media presence, all of which have been major credits to the brand’s rapid expansion and evolution. by CHLOE.’s flagship location opened to customer and critical acclaim in New York City in 2015,  

and was followed by national and international expansion to new markets including Los Angeles, Boston and London, landing on 14 locations by 2018. Samantha is helping to lead the brand’s expansion plans in 2019 and beyond. Samantha Wasser has proven to be not only a veteran in the culinary space but an innovator and thought leader in today’s restaurant industry. She was recognized in both Zagat's and Inc. Magazine’s honorable "30 Under 30” for her work in restaurant development in 2014 and 2016. Samantha also serves an Advisor for WeWorks Food Labs. In December 2018, Samantha and her husband Mitch welcomed their son James Wyatt into the world. Following, in May 2019, Samantha led a women-run collaboration called Beyond Mother’s Day with partners Kindbody and Robyn, that included a series of events held by by CHLOE. with the goal to advance the narrative of improving support for all paths to parenthood. During Beyond Mother’s Day, by CHLOE. gave 50% of proceeds from their Beyond Mother’s Day Cupcake sold throughout May to Baby Quest Foundation, a non-profit providing financial assistance to couples who struggle to afford fertility treatments. 


Christian Ward

Head of Media & Marketing, Stylus 

Christian is head of Media & Marketing, overseeing Stylus research, reporting and presentations on trends in marketing, advertising, culture and media. Christian spent many years as a music journalist for the NME, before transitioning into PR, where he promoted a host of European start-ups including SoundCloud and Before joining Stylus, he worked as a digital communications strategist at the BBC, publicising iPlayer innovation and the BBC's digital coverage of the 2012 Olympics.


Mutale Nkonde

Senior Tech Policy Advisor & Analyst for Congresswoman Yvette Clarke & Fellow at Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University

Mutale Nkonde is a US based policy analyst, hopeless optimist and fellow at Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. Nkonde works at the intersection of race, technology and policy. 

She has been working as a Senior Tech Policy Advisory for Congresswoman Yvette Clarke since 2016 . Nkonde was part of the team that helped introduce the Algorithmic Accountability Act into the House of Representatives in April 2019., and is currently considering how to use anti trust laws to empower entrepreneurs from minoritzed communities.


Aagya Mathur

Co-Founder & CEO, Aavia

From starting a volunteer service to fill a community need in high school and founding a small business to provide affordable transportation to her undergraduate classmates, to now leading Aavia to improve women’s health and wellness, Aagya Mathur is consistently bridging gaps and solving inefficiencies. Through personal and professional experiences, she found her passion at the intersection of healthcare, innovation, and analytics-driven insights. During her consulting career, she worked with various clients to improve patient experience and medication adherence. However, she found she needed to be closer to the end-user to have the kind of impact she knew she could have. 

“If you don’t listen to and work with the end-user, the solution is not going to be something they like or something that’s actually going to help them,” Mathur said. “If you can’t fulfill those two things, why are you even developing the solution?” The Aavia team works with women at each step of development to rapid prototype a solution that empowers women to take their Birth Control Pill on time, every time. Aavia’s pocket-sized smart device contains patent-pending sensor technology that recognizes count and position of Pills in her original pack and sends notifications to the user's phone until she actually take it.  

Mathur graduated from MIT Sloan (MBA) and University of Virginia (Neuroscience BA & Biomedical Engineering thesis). She enjoys dancing, being active, and traveling. 


David Mendlewicz

Founder & CEO, 

David Mendlewicz is CEO & co-founder of Butterfly, a VC-backed employee intelligence and AI training platform designed to groom the next generation of organizational leadership. Teams at companies like GE, Citi and leverage the platform to develop management skills via real-time and iterative employee feedback. 

For more than a decade, David has a forged a career around an unmistakable entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity around how technology interacts with and enhances the real world. A creative technologist known for taking unconventional paths, his specific areas of expertise reside in artificial intelligence, machine learning and connected experiences. 

Prior to Butterfly, David co-founded TagHue, an IoT company that uses technology to connect digital and social channels with in-home lighting systems. Before TagHue, he co-founded PIXL Creations, a creative collective that produced immersive events and experiences at the intersection of music, art and technology. 

David is frequently cited in the press as a thought leader on AI and leadership, with press mentions in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, BFM Business, and Workforce. He has spoken at major industry events such as TechWeek, Social Media Week, CB Insights, and French Morning. A native of Brussels, Belgium, David lives in Brooklyn, NY. 


Marian Berelowitz

US Senior Editor, Stylus

Marian is US senior editor for Stylus, based in New York. Previously she oversaw content for J. Walter Thompson’s trendspotting unit, exploring global category, consumer, and technology trends, and their significance for brands. She has also worked as managing editor for Adweek, copy chief for Rolling Stone, and copy editor at InStyle. As a freelance writer, editor and researcher, she has also worked with companies including L2 Inc., Business Insider Intelligence, and Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve.


Poppy Jamie 

Well-Bring Entrepreneur

Poppy Jamie is an entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and entertainment presenter. 

At 19 years of age, while still studying at the London School of Economics, Poppy had become the youngest entertainment presenter at the UK’s largest news organisation, ITN. By 23, she had moved to the USA to work for MTV International, ITV2, Extra and went on to launch the first ever talk show on Snapchat’s discover platform, Pillow talk with Poppy, to an audience of over 100 million. At 25 Poppy founded her first start-up, an accessories brand “Pop and Suki” with best friend and model/actress Suki Waterhouse. At 26 founded Happy Not Perfect (HNP) a mental wellbeing start-up application and corresponding product line which is due to launch in 2018. 

Both startups have strong brand missions, Pop and Suki was set up to celebrate friendship and women working together and HNP looks at mindfulness in a new way. It’s dedicated to helping users feel happier, calmer and less anxious. Inspired by her mother, a neurotherapist, and based on the science behind happiness, HNP focuses on making it easy for us to look after our brains in the same way we do our bodies. 

In 2017, Forbes names Poppy one of their 30 under 30 and she was appointed as the youngest member of the Resnic Neuropychiatric .

[Headshot accredited to Arcadia Magazine]


Clay Skipper

Staff Writer GQ, Condé Nast

Clay Skipper is a staff writer for GQ, primarily focusing on sports and wellness. His major sports features have included Draymond Green, Kirk Cousins, Jalen Ramsey, and Josh Gordon. Skipper also stars in the new GQ Sports docuseries, Above Average Joe, and hosts Airplane Mode, aGQ podcast about living smarter. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, he is currently based in New York City. 


Andrea Bisker

Head of Brazil, Stylus

Storyteller, entrepreneur, specialist in trends and behavior, Andréa graduated in Communication with specialization in Consumer Sciences. She created her first company at age 23, an incentive marketing agency. She worked for 10 years in the fashion and technology industry at the French company Lectra and in 2004, she created Mindset, a trend research and consumer behavior agency, while starting the operation of WGSN in Brazil, one of the main fashin bureaus of the world. In 2013, she sold Mindset to the Ascential group and led the company's operation in Latin America for two years. In 2017, after a sabbatical, she was invited by Marc Worth to begin the operation of Stylus in Brazil, a british innovation platform that helps clients process global insights into consumer behavior, product development and engagement, stimulating innovation and growth. 


Eleanor Gibson,

Acting US Editor, Dezeen

She graduated from Newcastle University with a BA in architecture before moving to Seville, Spain to work for an architecture studio. She co-founded Foci, an online magazine for arts students, which was awarded the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise in 2015. 

Eleanor joined Dezeen as an intern in 2015, before being promoted to reporter. As acting US editor, she is currently responsible for running the company's operations in New York. 



Heather Cabot

 Author, Speaker and Former ABC News correspondent

Heather Cabot is a nonfiction author, speaker and former ABC News correspondent/anchor. Her latest book, The New Chardonnay: The Unlikely Story of How Marijuana Went Mainstream, will be published by Crown Currency in 2020. Cabot is the co-author of Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech  

(St. Martin’s Press, 2017) and a contributing writer to Forbes. She serves on the alumni board of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. 


Sarah Mohsen

Advisory Strategist, Stylus

Sarah has over ten years of experience in research, trends and marketing. After spending her early career in sponsorship marketing, she transitioned into trend forecasting and research, working with major international beauty, fashion, F&B and technology clients. She is currently focusing across sectors on front-end strategy for Stylus clients. 


Kate Spies

Senior Vice President, Content & Growth

Kate leads Well+Good’s content and audience development teams. She’s a big believer in combining art (gut editorial feels) and science (robust audience data points) to create killer content. Before joining Well+Good, Kate worked at a variety of global digital publishers and agencies––specializing in content and distribution strategy, Kate has been central to rapidly scaling a number of brands and guiding large teams through high-growth phases. Kate studied journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney, and grew up as a complete water baby by the beach in Sydney’s southern suburbs. 


Julie Winter

Founding Partner & COO, CBD For Life

Julie Winter is a founding partner and COO of CBD For Life, a company that produces highly innovative, natural, luxurious, and effective Cannabidiol (CBD) infused self-care and wellness products using pure CBD extract derived from industrial hemp. Julie helped develop the products and launch the company with her sister, CEO Beth Stavola, in February 2015 and has been running product development, operations, and distribution. Julie has been a long time hemp advocate, lobbying for federal legalization and providing education to change the reputation of cannabis and discuss the healing benefits of the plant for the body and the skin without the psychotropic effects. CBD For Life provides a direct to consumer e-commerce platform and wholesale to retailer distribution channels to all 50 states. The company has plans to expand their self-care line with a natural and luxurious 500 mg CBD infused face serum and to expand their wellness line to include vape and gummy supplements later this year.

Julie Winter also serves as the Head of East Coast Operations for MPX Bioceutical Corporation, a multinational diversified cannabis company focused on the medical and adult use cannabis markets with successful grow, production, and dispensary operations throughout Arizona, Nevada, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Julie oversees the build out and management of the company’s Production operations and three managed dispensary operations in Maryland, their fully integrated license in Massachusetts opening in March 2019, as well as the expansion of their award winning concentrate brand, Melting Point Extracts (MPX), to California. Julie serves as the President of the Board of Directors for Health For Life, one of the most successful medical marijuana companies in the Southwest and is a member of the New Jersery Cannabis Industry Association (NJCIA).

Julie has experience working in highly regulated, fast paced, and evolving markets before following her trailblazing sister into the Cannabis industry. She served as Vice President of OTC Clearing Americas, within Prime Services at Barclays Capital from 2010-2014. In her role as Vice President at Barclays Julie was responsible for assisting in the management of the US OTC Clearing business, focusing on driving the development and growth of the business under the US Head of Agency Derivative Services (ADS), and working with the Prime Services Origination team in their efforts to grow the cross-ADS client base. In 2010, she moved to the OTC Derivatives Clearing team to implement the OTC Clearing requirements set forth by The Dodd-Frank Wall street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and build out the client offering, all while leveraging the existing platform that was used for Credit Derivative Intermediation. Ms. Winter has served as an Interest Rate and Credit Derivative Clearing specialist to many clients of Prime Services and employees across the Barclays organization. She has worked with various Financial Regulatory Boards, in house Compliance Officers and Teams, and sat on many Operational Risk committees in order to ensure a compliant and operationally efficient implementation of the clearing rules.

Julie Winter started her career in September 2007 at Lehman Brothers as a Credit Derivative Sales Assistant after receiving a BS in Finance from the The George

Washington University in 2007. Juli is the Co-founder of the GW Women in Business, an undergraduate student organization and affiliate at the GW School of Business of The George Washington University. Julie is a Type 1 Diabetic and is an advocate for Type 1 Diabetic patient rights and supports various groups to improve the lives and work to find a cure of Type 1 Diabetes. Julie resides in New Jersey with her growing family – husband and three children.


Jay Curley

Global Head of Integrated Marketing, Ben & Jerry’s

Jay Curley is the Global Head of Integrated Marketing for Ben & Jerry’s. Jay leads the development and execution of consumer marketing activities in the United States and global advertising and communications. These integrated programs bring Ben & Jerry’s progressive three-part mission to life in traditional advertising, innovative social media and digital engagements, retail shops, social activism, and live consumer experiences. Jay has been on the marketing lead for Ben & Jerry’s on campaigns focused on Climate Justice, Criminal Justice Reform, and Voting Rights. 


Liz Plosser

Editor-in-Chief, Women's Health


Katie Deighton

Senior Editor, US, The Drum

Katie Deighton is The Drum’s senior reporter in New York City. Formerly based in London, she reports on brand and growth strategy in the North America market and produces, films, presents and edits the title’s editorial video output. 


Jill Manoff

Editor-in-Chief, Glossy

Jill Manoff is the editor-in-chief of Glossy, which explores the transformation of the fashion, luxury, beauty and retail industries through the lens of digital and technology. She oversees the editorial content and growth strategy of the media brand, launched in May 2016.  

Manoff joined Glossy from Mode Media, where she was the editor of starting in July 2015. Prior to that, she was the editor of searsStyle and head copywriter in Sears’ apparel division. She spent the start of her career in St. Louis as the fashion editor of Alive magazine, the fashion director and co-founder of Saint Louis Fashion Week, and a freelance fashion stylist, working for brands including Anheuser-Busch and Caleres.  


Nancy King

Director of Global Insights & Strategy, Airbnb


Corley Kenna

Sr Director of Global Communications & PR, Patagonia

Corley Kenna is a seasoned public affairs and communications professional with nearly 20 years of experience. As Senior Director for Global Communications and PR at Patagonia, she has the best job in the world. 

Corley began her career in government and politics. She got her start with Congressman John Lewis (GA) and Senator Zell Miller (GA) and later worked for Senator Tom Carper (DE). Corley is also a political campaign operative, having spent election cycles with the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Hillary for New York and Hillary for President. She rounded out her time in government in the Obama administration, serving as a Senior Advisor in the US State Department in the office of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. 

As Managing Director and Chief of Staff to the CEO of Burson-Marsteller, Corley built and maintained global client and media relationships at one of the world's leading communication agencies. As Vice President for Public Affairs and Corporate Communications at Ralph Lauren, she led media response and strategy for all corporate affairs and crisis situations. 

At Patagonia, Corley oversees all product, brand and internal communications. She led the strategy for Patagonia's 2018 midterm election efforts and the communication strategy for the Company's lawsuit against the Trump Administration and 100% for the Planet, a Black Friday initiative which resulted in $10 million in donations to environmental nonprofits around the world. She also leads the communication strategy for other company priorities including the protection of public lands and waters and building awareness for environmental and social issues associated with retail supply chains and traditional agricultural systems. Corley is also a leader in the Time to Vote movement, a nonpartisan, business-led initiative aimed at increasing voter participation in US elections.

Corley is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, a native of Atlanta, Georgia and currently resides in California. She is a member of Council on Foreign Relations and the Arthur W. Page Society and a board member of Civil Rights Tours Atlanta.


Mike Roberts

Chief Creative Officer, Green Room

Mike’s business and creative philosophy is a simple one; everything starts with humans! It’s this refreshingly grounded perspective and approach that spearheads the creative vision of  ‘Human Experience Design Studio’, Green Room. His intelligent, considered and highly engaging persona provides audiences with an alternative view of the industry landscape - and in turn - the crux of the challenges that brands and retailers currently face. With over twenty years in the industry he has accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience in building and maintaining customer relationships for clients including adidas, Mercedes, Timberland, Vodafone and The North Face. 


Fumi James

Director of Global Beverage Design, PepsiCo Design and Innovation Center

Fumi James is a Director of Global Beverage Design at PepsiCo Design and Innovation Center in New York City. She has over 18 years of design industry experience spanning retail business, brand strategy and campaign for food and beverage category, and design innovation. She is widely recognized as a passionate creative thinker, experienced in building powerful team of creatives and brand strategy that deliver business results. Including her 15 years of experience at Starbucks, she continues to build brands that have a strong multi-faceted identity in her current position at PepsiCo. She credits her creative career as a continuing source of endless inspiration as well as personal growth.